Sharing a collaborative relationship with Jane starts with an emotion.   That feeling you get when you are in the presence of magic; the color of an iceberg that has refrozen many times, or the tiny feathery tendrals of greenery growing out of solid rock.   When you want to paint that feeling.  

Clients share any images or memories connected to the subject.  Ecosystems can be explored in depth, or represented as a magnified snapshot.  Color pallet will be explored and discussed along with size and budget.  

A full size sketch will be completed by Jane.  During the sketch phase any changes or customization will take place.  Price will be contingent on size, and handmade paper details requested.  Upon completion and approval of sketch a 50% deposit will be due. 

I have a long history of creating collaborative artworks.  At university  Rachel Green showed me how to listen for ques and create visual connections.  Visual elements that have the power to manifest  a moment, a vacation, an emotion, or an ecosystem crying out for attention. 

Please contact me we'll make it work for you.