Gray's Reef

French dyes on silk and handmade paper all hand sewn.

20 x 24









Gray's Reef

Being on the deep ocean  is a memorable experience.  I've gone deep on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  This painting is a memory from my fishing experiences.   

Off the southern cost is a rich and unusual geologic formation.  a huge ridge composed of mud and detritus miles off the coast. this ridge houses a rich and diverse colony of life forms.    

I caught my first snapper in this strange world.  A world that sports the most amazing colors, and unusual smells of salt, movement, mystery. 

Magic, when I pulled onto the deck, the beautiful creature.  He was emanating a glowing  energy, that manifested into a sort of color.  Vivid yellow streaking across his flanks and tail.  It was the most alive thing i had witnessed.  I waved and called to my friend glancing away.   When I looked back something had changed, the brilliance had faded.  

It is getting more and more challenging to find these delicious creatures.